PETRAL raised floor is a system composed of modular panels ( 600 X 600 mm) placed on special supports adjustable in height. This system allows the creation, underneath the floor, of a plenum that can be used for the cables and pipes to pass through. All the components which include panel, top finish, bottom finish, edge and structure have specific functions. The choice of panel, CHIPBOARD, CALCIUM SULPHATE, ENCAPSULATED or BRICKTILE and the type of superior finish (Hpl, PVC, Linoleum, Porcelain Tile, Parquet, Marble, etc.) meets the diverse project requirements. BRICKTILE 2.5 OUTDOOR is Petral solution for outdoor raised floors. All panels are produced in the standard size of 600 x 600 mm but following your request, we can make it in different sizes.

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