BRICKTILE 2.5 Outdoor is the Petral solution for outdoor flooring of terraces and dehors. The 600x600 mm non-edged panels are laid on fixed or height- adjustable polypropylene supports, whose tabs allow water to flow down. BRICKTILE 2.5 is made with 14 mm thick ceramic panels that provide a top finish in anti-slip porcelain stoneware, in standard color solutions or upon request. BRICKTILE 2.5 Outdoor has a total thickness of 25 mm and consists of a double ceramic panel with a fiberglass net in the middle. The BRICKTILE 2,5 floor differs from other solutions without a net currently on the market consisting simply of a single 20 mm thick ceramic tile. In the Bricktile 2.5 panel, the net placed between the support and the top finish has a structural and shatterproof function, increasing the loading capacity, by ensuring maximum safety.


QUICK WATERFLOW > The small joints between the panels allow rapid drainage of rainwater through the slope of the slab.

EXCELLENT EXPANSION ABSORPTION > Non-adherence of floor panels and underlying media allows to absorb expansions and the structural movements.

HIDING OF PIPES AND PLANTS > The void between the flooring and the underlying membrane allows the passage of pipes and cabling easy to inspect thanks to the easy removal of panels.

SPEED 'OF INSTALLATION > Speed of the installation means lower costs and less  discomforts on the job site.

BETTER THERMAL INSULATION > The void between the flooring and the underlying membrane favors a constant passage of air that allows a greater thermal insulation and increase the duration of the waterproof layer.

LOW WEIGHT ON STRUCTURE > The system allows a significant weight reduction on the structure thanks to the elimination of the concrete screed with a consequent reduction in costs.

REUSE AND RECOVERY SYSTEM > The whole system is recyclable in fact you can remove and recover both the flooring panels that the underlying supports for reuse if necessary in other situations.

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