Doha Qatar
Project Supreme Education Council (SEC) Ministery of Higher Education HQ
Panel Bricktile and encapsulated panel IT29 600x600mm
Top finish Cenia stone e moquuette
Understructure ST3-ST4-SA
46.000 MQ

A great project in Qatar started in 2008 that is currently being finalized, for the construction of the Supreme Education Council (SEC) in Doha, a set of buildings used to control the education systems in Qatar. The new headquarters that  will operate the various departments of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education ). It consists of a group of five main buildings which accommodate the Education Institute, the General secretariat, the Evaluation Institute, the Higher Education Institute and shared Services. These buildings are connected to each other by a two-storey pedestrian walkway called the “Wall of Knowledge.”. The project also include the construction of large parking lots, water games, an underground power station and ample green spaces. Inside SEC offices and in some areas communicating with the outdoor spaces, have been installed 46.000 sqm of PETRAL raised floors : BRICKTILE with natural stone Cenia top finish and ENCAPSULATED IT29  for loose lay carpet. A prestigious reference that certify  more always the quality of "Made in Italy " PETRAL products.


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