The SOLOGRES loose-lay system is an innovative dry laying system for ceramic tiles, completely free from each other, with a finely worked lower cork underlay applied to ensure perfect interchangeability between the individual tiles.

 SOLOGRES is placed directly on the raised access floor, with the maximum simplicity and speed.

• Without adhesives or other chemical products: immediately ready and walkable from the moment of its installation.

• Without joints between the tiles: maximum ease of removal of the individual tiles is guaranteed.

• No grouting between the tiles at the end of laying.


Its particular composition and dimensional precision allow a very easy installation with the lowest installation costs. Its clean installation, free of adhesives or other chemical products, does not cause odors or the raising of dust that could disturb people and, consequently, the activities carried out in the room to be renovated. Versatile and flexible, SOLOGRES tiles can be easily removed and retrieved for use in other rooms. Strong, stable and durable contact: thanks to the high suction effect generated on the laying surface, SOLOGRES guarantees a perfect grip even in the presence of significant dynamic radial loads.


SOLOGRES self-supporting tiles are made up of three elements: the inner core in porcelain stoneware, the perimeter edge in PVC available in various colors and the lower cladding made from a special cork plate. The thickness of the elements can vary from a minimum of 10 mm to a maximum of 14 mm depending on the type of material used.

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