Produced with raw materials such as linseed oil, tree resins, wood powders, limestone powders, coloured pigments, cork, cork powder and calendared on a jute base. It is an environmentally friendly product, totally biodegradable, antistatic by nature and resistant to wear, cigarette burns and grease and oils. It is mainly used in offices and environments where there is low to medium traffic. 



Product made of polyvinyl chloride along with plasticizers, stabilizers, inert charges and colour pigments. Used mainly in offices where there is medium traffic, it has good resistance to acids and it is easy to clean. Can be antistatic or conductive.


 This floor is made of two layers of natural and synthetic rubber, mineral batches and colour pigments. Ideal for floors which have heavy-duty traffic and where the highest hygyene requirements are needed; it is characterized by durability and easy maintenance.


It is made of synthetic fibers with a different diameter made by needlefelt and coupled with a layer of basic coat. The peculiar characteristic of a carpet is without a doubt its soundproof value which has considerable importance on raised floors and is therefore a prime attribute. However its uses are restricted as it is difficult to clean and it has limited durability. The types we recommend are the needlefelt as they are more 'technical' than the 'bouclé' types. In this instance the loose-laying types of carpet are the most convenient as they offers many advantages, particularly when replacement is necessary. 

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