Torrelavega Spain
Project Justice Palace
Panel calcium sulphate S30 600x600 mm
Top finish laminate
Understructure ST2
1.700 mq

The new project of the Courthouse was undertaken with the aim to unify the different Torrelavega’s judicial offices in order to promote greater efficiency and modernization of the administration of justice. The project's architectural language used criteria of formal and volumetric purity, with the creation of the glass facade has wanted to put in relation the public space of the interior of the building with the urban surroundings. The design of the interior spaces presents great flexibility characteristics both in the distribution of the environments that in the use of functional spaces, all with the purpose to promote a more fluent circulation inside the building. In the office areas 1.700 square meters of PETRAL raised floors made of calcium sulphate panel with HPL top finish have been installed.

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