Turin - Italy
Project: Egyptian Museum Turin/ The Writing Gallery
Panel: Bricktile 600x600 mm
Top finish: Porcelain stoneware
Understructure ST4

700 sqm

The Egyptian Museum of Turin inaugurated the new exhibition space of the Writing Gallery in December 2023. An exhibition area that offers visitors an immersion in the world of ancient Egypt through the history of its writings. After a long period of work and restoration, the third floor of the Museum has been transformed into a thousand-square-meter itinerary,  where 248 artefacts distributed in 10 thematic sections are displayed. For this new exhibition space, PETRAL raised floors in the Bricktile type with bottom steel sheet and top finish in black porcelain stoneware were chosen. The complexity of the project also required the study of a technical solution for an understructure capable to withstand the heavy loads of the statues and various archaeological finds. For this reason an ST4 galvanized steel structure with a 30x60 cm mesh was selected. The design requirements and the needs to be satisfied were those of a type of raised floor capable of supporting a high traffic of people, the important static loads of the statues and the dynamic loads resulting from the movement of carts carrying these historically significant artifacts.



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