Cuneo - Italy
Project: Headquarters of the Confindustria Cuneo/ Offices and meeting rooms
Panel: Calcium Sulphate 600x600 mm
Panel: Bricktile 600x600 mm
Top finish Parquet and porcelain stoneware
Understructure ST1

1.100 sqm

New prestigious headquarters of Confindustria Cuneo, the renovation project realized by Architects Duilio Damilano and Daniele Cavedal, took shape through an important conservative restoration of the historic building "Casa di Betania" dating back to 1940.

The design challenge was to adapt the environments to the new needs of the client to create aggregative spaces, meeting rooms, offices with areas for courses and training. One of the most significant rooms is undoubtedly the large room dedicated to "Michele Ferrero". An integrated project in which all the rooms have been studied and designed in detail from both an aesthetic and a technical point of view. The office areas are characterized by bright and spacious rooms ideal for aggregation and for meetings held by Confindustria.

For this project, PETRAL raised floors were chosen: 1.100 square meters of technical floors in two types of products. In the “Michele Ferrero” room and in the meeting room, Calcium sulphate floors with a brushed oak finish were installed, while in the office areas, Bricktile floors with a travertine-effect porcelain stoneware finish were chosen.


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