Milan Italy
Project Libeskind Tower / PWC offices
Panel Bricktile 600x1200 mm
Top finish Recomposed marble
Understructure ST1
630 sqm

The Libeskind Tower is part of the three directional towers ( Libenskind - Isozaki - Hadid ) that form the center of the Citylife Business District. The concept of the Libeskind Tower is inspired by the Renaissance Dome reinterpreted through the concave movement that develops in elevation thus becoming the distinctive element of the project with its 28 floors, distributed in 175 meters high. On the 27th floor of the Libeskind Tower, in the management area of the PWC headquarters ( Pricewaterhousecoopers ) 630 sqm of Petral raised floors have been installed in the type of BRICKTILE panels made with ceramic slab support with special size 60 x120 cm, 15 mm thick, coupled to 10 mm top finish of 10 in recomposed white marble. The client opted for this solution so as to have maximum flexibility of use in these areas of the building dedicated to events and executive meetings. The laying surface of the raised flooring has been specially designed to be in perfect continuity with the traditional flooring of the lift  landing area made in with large-size reconstituted marble slabs.

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