Costa Rica
Project Costa Rica Legislative Assembly
Panel Encapsulated 600x600 mm
Top finish Serena Stone + magnetic parquet
Understructure ST1 ST1D
4.360 mq

The new headquarters of the Costa Rica Legislative Assembly in San Jose was designed by Arch. Javier Salinas, it is expected to be completed by 2020. A 17-storey building whose shape is meant to represent the "solidity" and "transparency" of democracy. Petral is supplying 3200 square meters of raised floors for the area of the large square that surrounds and enters the entire building. The flooring of this area includes raised floor composed by 90x90 cm slabs in pietra serena, these are special slabs with structural reinforcement in hot-galvanized steel placed on polypropylene supports 40 cm high. Inside the building, in the room dedicated to the former presidents, 1100 square meters of encapsulated raised floor will be installed, together with 1060 square meters of WPC decking in the panoramic terrace on the top floor of the building.

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