Project Mapfre
Panel Chipboard panel T40 e calcium sulphate S30 600x600 mm
Top finish linoleum, pvc e porcelain tile.
Understructure ST1
1.800 mq

MAPFRE is a global company dealing in insurance and services dedicated to the automotive industry, tourism, banking and finance. It’s the third insurance group worldwide, founded in Spain in 1933, currently operates in various locations around the world. For the new head office MAPFREin Asunción , ParaguayPETRAL has provided about 1.800  square meters of raised floors with different types of panel and top finish depending on the required performance. Chipboard panels with linoleum or carpet top finishes have been installed in some areas of the building, while in other areas calcium sulphate panels with top finish in PVC or porcelain stoneware have been installed. Petral raised floors have been laid in the office areas, data center, technical rooms and CAD archive areas. The building of the new MAPFRE  head office in Asunción, Paraguay has achieved LEED certification and Petral provided all the certifications, regarding to the raised floors supplied, necessary to obtain the LEED certification of the building. LEED is a certification program that concerns the entire life cycle of the building, from design to construction and promotes an approach to sustainability by evaluating building performance also referring to the materials used and the resources deployed.

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