The environmentally sustainable raised floor


BRICKSTONE is a stone panel manufactured to produce raised floors of exceptional performance. Natural, environmentally sustainable and with some unparalleled physical-mechanical characteristics, it is the only panel which is able to satisfy every performance requirement. BRICKSTONE panels can be produced with any kind of superior finish: from Porcelain Tile to Parquet, from resilient to loose-laid finishing, to the innovative solutions of Porcelain Tile with reduced thickness. BRICKSTONE is an innovative design created under the exclusive PETRAL patent. 

The Advantages 

A BRICKSTONE panel is 20 mm thick with a standard size of 60x60 cm. The high performance and great versatility of this material make it possible to manufacture special sizes for such panels, like 40x90, 30x90, 90x90 up to 30x120. The carrying capacity, excellent resistance to fire and water, high levels of soundproofing and high density give this panel unique technical characteristic in the area of raised floor systems for indoor and outdoor use. 

Reduced thickness
The 20 mm thickness, excluding the finish, allows to optimize the requirements for reduced areas.  
High fire resistant
Reaction to fire Class A1
(class A1, A2, B, C, D, F norm EN 13501-1)
Reaction to fire <30
Min. Rei 15, Max Rei 30 norm EN 1366-6 
High density and high levels of soundproofing
The density of 2600 Kg/m3 allows for very good soundproofing giving the impression of walking on a traditional floor. 
Water resistant
Water absorption 0,16% norm ISO 769/92
Dimensional variation after 24 hours of immersion in water 0% norm EN 317/93 
High carrying capacity
850 Kg of concentrated load with 1mm deflection
Class  of load  3-5 
Class A of deflection . Norm EN 12825  
Maximum modularity
60x60, 30x120, 40x90, 30x90, 90x90. 



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