Santiago del Chile
Project Tower Titanium BBVA
Panel Incapsulated IT29 600x600mm
Top finish moquette
Understructure ST!D antisismic
16.000 MQ

TITAMIUM TOWER (Millenium Tower) is a building located in Santiago, Chile and is the headquarter of the Bank BBVA. Our company, PETRAL, has installed 16,000 square meters of raised floor. The product called ENCAPSULATED EN29 consists of upper and lower metal sheets 0.5 mm thick encapsulated with the system of double-folded and with a core panel made of chipboard (FSC certified).For this project we used a special understructure called ST1D with anti-seismic function. This involves the use of diagonal stringers. All pedestal are screwed to the stringers and they are glued to the slab.