PETRAL is an italian raised flooring company initially born as an evolution of the INTEC S.p.A. Contract Division. Since 2004 PETRAL operates as an independent company with the purpose to develop and produce innovative raised flooring systems. During the years PETRAL has specialized in the production of raised floors for indoor and outdoor through the development of new technical solutions and the use of new materials such Brickstone and Bricktile. PETRAL headquartes in Racconigi is dedicated to research, design and commercial activities, while the production is carried out in the plant of Sommariva del Bosco in an area of 8,000 square meters with advanced production facilities. The production capacity of over 450,000 square meters per year, allows to complete large projects in relatively short times. In the last years Petral exported and installed its raised floors in large projects around the world. The great experience in the raised flooring field and the wide range of products allow the company to respond effectively to the various project requirements. Thanks to this, PETRAL brand is today renown worldwide as a synonym for quality and innovation.






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